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In my relentless pursuit of new creative endeavors, I am always excited to opportunity. As a progressive professional with art direction experience, I believe that I can bring valuable contributions to any team.

Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to creative challenges both motivate and drive me. Observation, inspiration, and determination are my foundation for success. My stance is that introducing fresh perspectives and new techniques allow businesses to evolve and grow. My goal is to remain on the cutting-edge of design.

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Nashville, TN. 37211. US.

My Skills.

Graphic Design
Website Design
UX / UI Design
Video Production
Video Game Design
  1. Brand Design •
  2. Print Media Design •
  3. Illustration •
  4. Sound Design •
  5. Symphonic Composition •
  6. Audio Engineering •
  7. Cinematography •
  8. & More


Work Experience.

Current 2017


AUTOFLYTE & Moore Media

As a Lead Artist my job is to take the project, typically been wire-framed by my Director, and shape it into its final form. Keeping in mind various brand requirements and specifications to ultimately hit the target demographic. This entails full visual design as well as animation in web, static and video form(s).

Current 1998



Graphic, Web, Game and Sound Design company founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of provided a reliable resource for most artistic needs to clients whom have otherwise gone without.

I have designed graphics and websites for companies both large and small. Fortune 500 companies and local “Mom & Pop” stores. The size of the need matters not, all endeavors require a reliable and professional design to truly become a success.

2016 2013


Galvanize Labs

Manage the scope of each project ran through the Design team. This includes managing the artists within as well as creation, conceptual, and implementation of the project within the company’s specific brand. It was my job to, in addition to initial creation, make sure the project accurately reflected the company and its brand while at the same time ensuring that the end result spoke to our target demographics. All the while looking appealing and ground breaking.

2013 2010


Geek Squad Academy

Build a creative vision in detail for any given project and over see that visions implementation from the start of the process to the projects ultimate completion. This often entails periodic course adjustments between the art creation as well as the over all direction that the designs and/or art take. Knowing when certain aspects of the projects developed designs are and are not running in line with the overall vision set forth in the beginning. This is included but not limited to the Physical Design, Graphic Design, Audio Recording / Engineering and Videography or Film.

2009 2008


Geek Squad

Charged with the creation of any and all Web Site Design as well as online digital Marketing Media that is hosted on or around the brands web presence. Design and sole development of the website for the companies social outreach program Geek Squad Academy.

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