There are tons and tons of artists out there that can design. Why me? I’ve been a professional artist for the majority of my adult life. Creative Director for over 5 years of a fortune 50 company that you know — very well. So why me? Because talent aside, I am good person. So, what does that have to do with hiring you as an artist? Nothing. And Everything.


Questions are great! Feel free to ask whatever questions you would like friends. There’s a few common ones listed below.


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Per Emoji



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Starting At



Starting At






Whatcha Need?

Select which element(s) you would like to begin a commission on or inquire about.

Who are you?

Just a small bit of info so I know who is reaching out to me for a commission.

Explain as best you can what exactly you want from this commission art wise. You are encouraged to provide links to any and all references that you can provide. I will not take from any other artist -- but its a great starting point to see what your "vision of good" is.

Each project is different and the buyers attitude goes a long way. If you are helpful, friendly, and positive we are much more likely to be flexible with revisions. That said, revisions (except basic color adjustments) are NOT permitted beyond the concept phase — as beyond the concept phase the amount of time it takes to adjust is greatly increased.

*** Projects requiring more than 3 revisions are subject to a “per-revision” charge.

The best thing that you can do to help expedite the creation process is to have plenty of references that illustrate the look you are after. If you want emotes like a certain streamer — show me their emotes. I won’t copy ANY artists work but I can get a feel for what you are looking for.

Again, each project is different and I will keep you informed of the process(s) each step of the way I assure you. Additionally please remember that the commissions I work on are queue based. Meaning that there could be someone in line that has been waiting ahead of you. BUT… I sometimes jump around and take care of some projects before others. It all depends on the complexity of each project.

But again, I will let you know this up front after the commission has been opened.

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